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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 26, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ . this is fox 5 news at 10. >> a convicted killer in a high profile local case is found dead inside a state hospital. but this was no accident. >> ufos over an air force base? the enlisted men warned never to talk about what they saw in
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the sky. find out who is pushing for answers now. the redskins not exactly off to a great start. struggling today in st. louis. what went wrong again. >> but we begin tonight with a crime no one can understand. a woman dragged by a car, the driver nowhere to be found. good evening, i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas of the the hunt is on now at carol avenue in silver spring. tonight we learned what the victim was doing when the car hit her and then took off. matt aklin joins us live. >> reporter: we took the family members off the camera who had just visited her in the hospital. they say she did not look good. doctors are not sure if she will recover. 24-year-old daniela was born in guatemala. most recently she lived and worked about a block from where she was hit around 8:00 saturday night. she was struck a few feet away from her boyfriend's home. >> i heard a thump. it sounded like a car hit
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another car. >> montgomery county police are doing all they can to find the driver of what they believe was a small dark sedan, possibly a honda. they say the force of the impact caused some damage and even a piece of evidence was left behind. >> it did leave the right-hand side exterior passenger mirror on the scene after it struck her. >> neighbors say this narrow stretch of carol avenue can be hazardous. many drivers ignore the speed limit we're told even with the school just across the street. >> i've seen a crossing guard almost get hit trying to cross the kids to school. so people don't go by the speed limit. >> it's a busy street. >> yes. you have to actually look and see what's coming. make sure that you are out of harm's way before you get into your vehicle. >> family members were too upset to speak to us on camera tonight. but they did want you to see her face. as they pray she somehow recovers, they also want the hit and run driver who put her
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in the hospital found. >> there is also the possibility that the driver of the vehicle and it's a possibility only, could have been intoxicated and may not realize they hit anything at all. >> all right. once again police are looking for what they describe as a dark colored smaller sedan, maybe a honda. they believe the car could have some damage to the front headlight. maybe the hood. and remember, the side mirror was left at the scene. if you have any information that could lead the police to this car, they would like to hear from you. will? >> live notice newsroom, thank you. a developing story tonight involving a high profile murder case. a woman convicted of killing a chevy chase doctor has been found dead in a state hospital. police say she is now the victim of murder herself. susan sacks was found face down in her bed this morning strangled. convicted in the 2004 hurdle of dr. joyce hadle. the body was found in carol
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county. >> susan sacks had been in custody at the state hospital in maryland. the man accused of killing her is also in custody there convicted in a baltimore murder in the 1990s. it is not clear how he got into her room. >> police have identified the man gunned downed in broad daylight in southeast. he is 29-year-old darryl hendy. the shooting happened saturday on southern avenue. police put a huge apartment building on lock down to search for suspect. officers found two people they believe are connected to the shooting. one actually tried to jump over the balcony. no charges have been filed. you can help put a bank robber behind bars. take a look at this picture. this guy held up a sun trust on saturday. the robber walked in, pulled a gun and left with cash. he used a black bandanna to cover a part of his face as you can see right there. if you have any information call crime stoppers. work crews are hoping they have everything back up and running in northeast tonight after a water main break.
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the eight inch line ruptured this morning on jackson between 17th and 18th. the crews were out there from late this morning until just a short time ago trying to get everything fixed. in the meantime, jackson street had to be shut down medicine heading west. a shark attack in virginia beach. a local teenager nearly loses his leg. he was surfing with his friends friday when the shark took two bites of his left leg at the knee or ankle. it was a bull shark or a sand shark that attacked him, but no one knows for sure. >> the weather is not so bad today. just a few leftover puddles after some early morning rain. there is one righteous the studios. a lot of people out and about this afternoon before the next round of rain moves into the region. let's send it down to gwen tall bart live in the weather. tolbart in the weather center. >> we have some heavy rainfall moving in will across the area. we do need the rain, however. but with it looks like we could
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possibly see some storms. a quick look at the doppler radar for you. can you see we have rainfall to the east and west. eastern, western virginia. north central maryland seeing a little bit of activity coming through. it is only going to increase as we move into there tonight. 63 at national. we have 64 at dulles and 62 at baltimore. and for tonight, we are talking rain becoming steadier and heavier. with a chance of isolated thunderstorms. overnight low is 63 degrees. a very light north earl wind from 5-10 miles per hour. but it is not over. once we get through tonight. we will have more on that and give you the full five day forecast and when you can expect it to start and end coming up a little bit later. back to you. >> time for the umbrellas, thank you. the investigation exposed holes in bp's internal investigate. it all came out with the national academy of engineering
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questioned bp over its response to the spill. eight separate failures led to the accident and other companies were mainly responsible. bp made the conclusions without examining the drilling rig or a key piece of the equipment. that blow-out preventor. >> it started out misease in st. louis with the redskins getting dragged all over the field. >> it didn't get much prettier. despite some bright spots and there were a few. sports director dave feldman is on deck with the highlights or the low lights. >> they knew that going to st. louis might be a dicey proposition. true they had lost 27 of their last 48 games and 14 straight at home. a year ago the skins traveled to detroit and lost to a lions team reading a 2--- riding a streak so bad karma working against them. stephen jackson heads to the right side. cuts back. jackson outraces landry 42 yards for a score.
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jackson later left the game in the second quarter with a groin injury and didn't return. the rams raised out to a 13-0 lead. redskins out 14-3. donovan mcnabb rolls to his right 28 for the touchdown. moss had a great day. the redskins scored 16 straight points to take the two point lead. third quarter the rams would reply with 16 straight of their own. kenneth darby up 12 yards for the touchdown. the redskins fall to the rams 30-16. st. louis wins their first home game in 15 tries. they did the job. they played well. and we didn't step up and didn't think we needed to do anything to win the football game. >> in this game it is about winning no matter who you play. when you put yourself in a position where obviously you can change the outcome, you have to be able to do that. you know, we found ourselves in a similar situation. obviously the same as last week. you get in the red zone you got to score.
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kicking field goals just come back to haunt you. we had opportunities again in that second half to get ourselves back in that red zone to score. and we just didn't capitalize. okay. next week a media circus. donovan mcnabb returns to philly to play for the eagles. eagles won over the jaguars today. >> see you for sports extra, thank you. >> skins could grab the rams by the horns but it didn't work out. how did the fans feel now. we headed over here to get the instant feedback. of course you have the fans who are disappointed and say come on give them some more time. but the loss was really devastate to go one fan. take a listen. >> i thought it was very depressing and sad the way that they played. >> why is that? >> because they didn't do well and they lost very badly. >> it's a tough loss but early in the season. so try not to reach too deeply into it. >> like she was reading a tele
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pomper on that. very articulate. >> next week's matchup more fans even riled up. in the usual sense it is a division rival and they inherited their quarterback that their opponent. it may sound like a spielburg movie act. but if former air force officers are to be believed we are talking about the real deal here. >> ufos shutting down nuclear weapons. digging into this one after the break and going into the edge on news at 11. >> fort knox the secret service is stepping things up at the home of the vice-president. what they are doing and what it will cost taxpayers. a mega church pastor under fire. today he took to the pulpit to reject the sex claims. here to hear his claims. >> we are just getting started right here on fox 5. stay with us. n
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is really a maxxinista! t.j.maxx. check us out on facebook for a chance to win a 500 dollar shopping spree! . after days of silence a pastor caught in a sex scandal speaks out. several men have sued bishop ed long of atlanta saying he lured
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them into sexual relationships with gifts. today 25,000 packed the use to hear bishop long's side of the story. it is what the bishop didn't say that has a whole lot of people talking today. >> reporter: six days after he was slapped with four civil lawsuits, bishop ed long spoke very carefully to his congregation and the nation today. although he never claimed his innocence or acknowledged the four accusers, long says he is not being accurately portrayed in the media. >> i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. but i am not the man that's being portrayed on the television. that's not me. [ applause ] >> that is not me. >> reporter: long went on to vow he would fight to the very end and let justice prevail in the court system.
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he continued to ask for support while he and his family go through what he says is a very painful and difficult time. yet when members left church today, there were mixed emotions. take a listen. >> we wanted him maybe to say he did not do the things that have been leveled against him. and that was not said. >> reporter: the bishop has been a man of character. so i have to stand behind the character that i know. >> reporter: the lawsuits allege that he showered them with gifts and trips and jewelry. they shared bedrooms together and engaged in sexual acts. but for the past two decade long has been an activist against sexual and gay marriage. in georgia, elizabeth pran, fox news. besides calling on a ban for same-sex marriage, bishop long's church also hosts seminars promising to cure homosexuals. a group of former air force officers are convinced aliens exist and they claim to have
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government documents to prove t robert salas said they have our eyes on nuclear weapons. while on duty he said un explained red lights lit up the skies in montana. moments later he says the alarms on ten nuclear missiles sounded and then they were mysteriously shut down. >> we were never debriefed after that. we were ordered not to ever talk about it. so i couldn't even talk to the guards again. the air force has deliberately not told the truth about not only my incident, but maybe hundreds of others at military facilities. >> he and six others will hold a news conference tomorrow at the national press club. they plan to pass out government documents they claim are top secret. the wife of illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. is speaking out. in a newspaper interview sandy jackson said she found out about the affair when he told her, came clean. she added she is staying in the
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marriage. sandy jackson told a chicago sun times she was mortified to learn about the affair. there were sleepless nights and she started losing her hair. she credits therapy for keeping them together. news of the affair broke in connection with the rob blagojevich corruption case in which congressman jackson is embroiled. >> the vice-president's official home, the naval observatory on mess avenue is getting a security upgrade and a big one. the secret service is confirming the navy will install a ten foot high security fence around the perimeter instead of the cable that is currently there. additional check points will also be added. secret service says these aren't upgrades in response to any explicit threats. $1.7million of taxpayer money has been set aside for the project. it came out just this week the book right here the gop pledge to america. now it is under attack by democrats. republicans introduced the document as an outline for what they stand for. should they take control of congress in january.
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fox news correspondent steve santani has the latest from both sides of the aisles. >> reporter: republicans laid out their vision for the next congress in a document called "the pledge to america." it lays out a broad framework of what the gop would like to accomplish, most notably repealing healthcare and cutting taxes. some conservatives say the document doesn't go far enough in cutting spending. while democrat rans say it is nothing but a return to bush era policies. they talked about the need to return to a more fiscally responsible government. >> the truth is that republicans didn't just lose the majority in 2006. we lost our way. we walked away from the principles of fiscal discipline and reform that minted our governing majority back in 1980 and again in 1994. and the american people walked away from us. >> the plan that was unveiled this week does not tackle the biggest spending problems of all. social security, medicare and
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medicade. john bane r said those details will come later. holland says the pledge is old news. republicans put a new front page on it. but otherwise it is a xerox copy. house majority leader hoyer calls it more responsible than specifics. makes reference to the up and coming young republicans called the young guns. >> the american public heard from these young guns. it turned out to be a pop gun. it turned out to be spin, not substance or specifics. it turned out to be a return to the failed bush policies. >> reporter: republicans are expected to make significant gains in the november election. but when they can gain control of the house remains to be seen. in washington, steve santani, fox news. the will you pledge -- new pledge to america is much like
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the pledge to congress. >> it was an ugly moment in an ugly war. the photos serve of wrongdoing in abu. graib. >> they are taking their fight to the supreme court. >> take a look at this. one of the toughest wide water courses in the world. hope you didn't just eat. and right in our own backyard and it is olympic training, folks. we will take you there coming up. 
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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. >> everybody knows when it is sunday it is a football day. but today there was another big sporting event going on in our backyard. >> the winners are now able to call themselves champions. fox 5 takes you to your very new olympic training ground. >> reporter: this is just non- stop water water action top to bottom. you've got waves. you've do dot hydraulics.
10:25 pm
eddy lines with the water surging off the wall. >> drew is in charge of this race, which will decide who will be this year's canoeing, kayak national champion. >> it is kind of controlled chaos from start to finish. >> reporter: he says the water here in dickerson is some of the tough u.s. in the world. surging, bumping and flipping over the nation's pest paddlers. the former olympic coach din endicot says it can be even harder on their coaches. >> they are having a heart attack because these are coming to them and saying, you know, hey, this looks kind of hard. how do i do it? i am not sure how you do it. >> kayakers say you will not find a course like this anywhere in the country. only one of its kind because it was created by a power plan. the river is actually cooling water flowing out of the power plant as it creates electricity for much of the washington, d.c. area. >> also heated water. it is the outflow from the power plant. to today that heated water is a
10:26 pm
little bit of a liability. it is summer and warm. in the wintertime this is the place to train because it is the one place in the whole world where you have a heated river. >> scott is a three time olympian and a three time world cup champion. >> if we were to have this in washington, d.c. we could easily them. this is olympic quality white water. >> reporter: now, you may have noticed everyone we talked to is a former olympian. >> i am also an olympic gold medalist in the white water israel come and grew up in the washington, d.c. area. >> you can't help but bump into them here because so many live in washington, d.c. just so they can train on this course. >> these are amazing people so under the radar screen. but in a sport like white water maybe that's the way they like it. >> reporter: he says there is a humble bunch. because there is nothing like an electrifying, power- producing manmade river to smack the ego right out of you.
10:27 pm
in dickerson, trisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> scott shiply and the two man canoe came in first place. >> a heated river that's pretty cozy. >> nice. >> the appearance on capitol hill had people talking all over the country. >> yes, but not necessarily for the right reasons. who they are saying about stephen colbert tonight. >> bowers when it comes to your money who is really in charge. the president that we used to have is the one we have now is the house minority leader. tough who is going to make the call on tax cuts. we are going to explain next. . >> the power of fox 5 news in your hands. type on your cell. 
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. >> this is fox 5 news at 10. >> you know the old saying the only two things you can be sure of is death and taxes. but whose taxes are going up and whose are going down. one of the biggest questions facing congress ahead of the mid-term election. voters want to know that answer now. but chances are nobody will
10:31 pm
know until after the ballots for congress are passed. and as fox 5 reports that's because lawmakers don't know either. >> reporter: top democrats in congress saying americans aren't likely to get an answer on the big tax question before they go to the polls on november 2nd. house majority leader says he doubts the house will vote on extending the bush era tax cuts before going home to campaign. he blames republicans in the senate for blocking the vote. >> the senate has refused to move forward on that issue. as you know, we have some 400 bills pending in the senate. 75% of which have gotten 50 republican votes for more. but they can't move through the senate. so it would be a species act. >> reporter: democratic leader the wants to allow tax cuts for higher americans to expire to help reduce the deficit. but john baner calls the inability to act on the tax cuts inexcusable. >> if we leave here this week and adjourn for the election without preventing these tax increases on the american people, it will be the most
10:32 pm
irresponsible thing that i have seen since i have been in washington, d.c. and i've been here a while. >> more tax talk on the sunday news shows. david axlerod says the white house will figure out a way to get middle class tax cuts extended after the mid-term elections after republican resistance and some democrats. so here is what's actually at stake. the bush era tax cuts refer to a set of rollbacks that give everyone a break. republicans want the whole thing extended. democrats want to mix the break for single people making more than $200,000 and families earning more than $250 a year. the sticking point is that republicans want at least a floor debate on whether to extend those tax breaks to everyone. without that debate they say they will block the proposal. ship prisoners who say they were abused at abu graig get
10:33 pm
compensation? they said they were promised that but that did not happen. they said it was a stain on the face of the nation. and they said he was looking for a way to provide appropriate compensation. the victims are appealing to the supreme court later this year. >> the supreme court has before it a petition that really asks a very simple question. whether or not torture can be carried out in the name of the united states. >> the supreme court justices will review the case this week before announcing whether they will hear arguments. 11 american soldiers were convicted of abuse at abu graib. five were finished. it appears jewish settler cans start building settlements in the west bank again. the construction slowdown agreement expired tonight. and planners have already broken ground on a new kindergarten. this could spell trouble for the newly re-established peace talks between israel and the palestinians.
10:34 pm
the palestinians have threatened to walk away from -- if the building begins again. the slow down cut new housing construction by 50%. the u.s. secretary of education is voicing support on national t.v. for the chancellor of washington, d.c. schools. duncan and michelle reid appeared on meet the press this morning. duncan said mayor fenty can walk out of office with his head held high. reid was asked whether she will stay on as chancellor with vincent gray as mayor. here is what she said. >> i am a huge fan of what he and michelle have done. by any measure the public schools in washington, d.c. are better than they were. there is a question i should ask you are you going to stay as chancellor of washington, d.c. schools? >> that is something very to determine and talk to mr. gray who is the mayor. but i think the important thing to realize is that education reform can continue in washington, d.c. regardless of whether i'm there or not.
10:35 pm
reid also said she could stay on as chancellor as long as the new leadership is willing to make the incredibly tough decisions they have already made the last few years. >> as majority leader hoyer is calling comedian stephen colbert's capitol hill inappropriate and an embarrassment. he testified on the judiciary committee hearing for immigration. invited by chair person democratic representative loftgrin of california. he told fox news sunday he thought the episode was more of an embarrassment to colbert than to the house. thousands of military men and women are flooding that san diego as part of the city's fleet week. residents are getting a closeup look at some major military hardware. fox's casey segall has the story. >> welcome to the largest fleet week in the country. it seems fitting now that the san diego area has the largest military population in the whole country.
10:36 pm
we are talking coast guards, marines and the navy. this region has roughly 330,000 active duty military personnel. and about 100,000 other uniformed personnel including department of defense workers. dozens of events are planned for fleet week to honor those who have served and continue to serve our country. car races, navy ship tours, meet and greets with sailors. some 20,000 people are expected to turn out meaning big bucks for the struggling san diego economy. >> yes, the dollars are captured in tot taxes, which is the taxes that hotel guests pay when they stay in a hotel. certainly captured in sales taxes, which is from restaurants and purchases of souvenirs and other things like that. so tourism is when people come in to your area and leave money and then go somewhere else. and so it is a tourism generator as well. >> folks come out to this event. they will interact with military members. mostly from the navy.
10:37 pm
it's an opportunity to say thank you to them. but it is also an opportunity for us, the navy, and the military members to show them some of our equipment. show them what we do. and to thank them for supporting us. >> reporter: it is estimated that fleet week alone will inject $10 million into the local economy. and back here behind me a number of military equipment, aircraft, boats, you name it, so the public can get up close and personal with some of the weapons of war. in california, casey stegall, fox news. today marks the anniversary of one of the most pivotal moments in american history. >> if you think t.v. hasn't made a difference the kennedy nixon debate. the presidency on the line everyone talks about today. and on t.v. for the first time they were. take a look at how much it really mattered. >> plus no dogs allowed even if you are disabled. find out why a service animal got kicked out of a mall. >> we started out with showers
10:38 pm
in a few of the neighborhoods. but things are starting to increase rain-wise. wet weather hitting parts of the area to the west as well as to the east. how long will it stick around and what more will we get? i will have the answers coming up with the full forecast. stay with us. fox 5 news at 10 will be back right after the break. -9
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. >> well, despite all of the drama the skins started out the season on a good night and things changed. >> quickly things changed. and the game didn't start so good. got exciting for a minute. >> last week they should have beaten the texans. today they dug themselves a hole and it was too late. >> it is called the weekend news at 10 with maureen and will. >> today was a bad loss against a team that had a history of losing. the rams had lost 27 of their last 28 games going in. a season that could have started 3-0 now started 0-2.
10:42 pm
the redskins pick it up in the second quarter. skins are down 14-3. donovan mcnabb rolls to his right and throws deep for moss. 21-yard for the touchdown. redskins scored ten points in just 13 second. they take it a two point lead 16-3. third quarter rams score the games final 16 points. kenneth darby up the middle for the 12-yard score. redskins suffer another tough loss. this time to the rams. 30-16. st. louis had lost 27-28. and 14 straight at home. lindsay murphy has more from st. louis. >> reporter: it was a pretty quiet locker room. i don't think any redskins player expected this to be the outcome. but the skins defense were hit early and often. the redskins offense didn't play well enough to recover. >> i felt like we felt a good football team. i couldn't say more about how the rams came out and played. i knew all week it was going to be a big challenge for us. watching them on film they play
10:43 pm
extremely hard. they get knocked down and they keep coming back. and they are a very hard nosed as football team. >> a really good first quarter of the game they hit us in the mouth. we were in recovery mode already. and like i said they flatted whooped our (bleep) we got to come out and look at this film and see where it went wrong. check this out and get ready for next week. >> tour championship and atlanta jim furyk leads by a stroke over luke donald. last out of the bunker and almost gets it to drop. donald is going, man, if he misses that i've got a playoffs. but furyk that's a $10 million putt. made it. wins the tour championship. but finishes first in the season long fedex cup standings and earns $10 million. $10million putt. could you imagine that? the nationals defeated the braves 4-2. rooting the magic number to one. philadelphia comes to town tomorrow looking to clinch the n-l east for the third time in four years against the
10:44 pm
nationals. coming up later guys, much more on what went wrong for your washington redskins. >> back to you now. >> we just don't have a shot now. >> $10 million that's like feldman money. >> i'm telling you. >> well, their story like you know is already amazing. beyond anything anyone could have ever hoped for. >> tonight a critical piece of equipment has arrived at the chilean mine where workers have been trapped for weeks now. that story on the other side ak >> fox 5 morning news is starting at 4:25.
10:45 pm
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. the first of three rescue capsules built to lift out 33 chilean miners has arrived at the mine. today relatives of the miners got a look at the advice. two backup rescue devices are expected to be delivered next week. the man-sized capsule will be lowered into the ground to rescue the workers one by one. the government says this should happen by early november. the world is hoping that
10:48 pm
the capsules work. i know a lot of us locally hopefully the rain doesn't stick around. >> we need it. >> boy we definitely need the rain. i know people it spoils their outdoor plans much. but the farmers and everyone out there are glad we will get more rain. >> maureen, have you bought a shrub lately? >> exactly. let's have a look outside. we have got lots of clouds. some of you are already seeing some of the rainfall. some of you saw a little bit of it earlier today into the morning hours. not everybody. but there were a few showers here and there. but not bad overall across the region. temperature-wise we've been well below where we have been over the past 24-48 hours. so i am setting weather pattern is what we are taking into the early part of the week. much need rain we spoke about is moving in. temperatures timely near seasonal. no more 90s to talk about this week in our forecast at all. we have wttg a change as we move to the mid to late week as well. so be prepared for that. here is a look at where we hit
10:49 pm
temperature-wise today. didn't get those 90-degree temperatures. right into the 70s. 76 at national airport. right on for seasonal. exactly where we should be. a little cooler for dulles and baltimore at 73 degrees. right now outside temperatures fairly comfortable. 66 at national airport. 63 at hagerstown. to the west 62 at winchester. 62 in martinsburg. 62 at baltimore. as we head up the mid-atlantic 61 for boston. 68 for new york. and temperatures to the south still just a little bit warmer. 68 for raleigh. so what is happening into the tropics? well, matthew is no longer a concern. tropical depression lisa is now nothing more than a remnant low pressure system. no hazards to land whatsoever. heading off to the north atlantic. and the national hurricane center has said they will issue no more advisories in terms of this system at all. it will dissipate over the next few days or so. a closer look at home. begin with a look at the radar.
10:50 pm
our fox 5 live doppler radar showing wet weather over the west over areas of the mountains. and seeing a little bit here to the south a little heavier patch of rainfall here. the same ovaries of -- overareas of rainfall. some areas with rainfall as we move into the night. this is not the only area of wet weather moving our way. take a look at true view and show you the big picture. there is plenty of it to the south. take a look. all of this will push its way up across into our area as we move into the next few days or so. pretty heavy to steady rainfall between now and into tuesday. so be prepared for that. let's go back to our weather maps then. what we are dealing with is a frontal system. cooler air behind it. so steady heavier rain overnight. could seen see an isolated thunderstorm as well tonight. that front will move over the north as a front. a system will head its way into the eastern great lakes by tuesday. ahead of it we are seeing all
10:51 pm
of this moisture. but it will also draw a lot of gulf moisture into it. so we will deal with all of this right into tuesday with a chance of thunderstorms each day as we seniority -- sort of progress. some in the morning and a little bit of a break. into the afternoon. monday night a little bit warmer. more of unstable air mass that will set us up for a chance of storms. i wouldn't be surprised if we move into tomorrow if we start to see some flood watches as well. overall one and a half areas of rainfall. into the mountains and west central virginia up to two inches of rainfall overall. be prepared for that. as we take a look now what we are expecting into the course of tonight. once again rain. and chance of an isolated thunderstorm at 63 degrees. tomorrow once again talking a chance of thunderstorms. could even see something pop up into the mid morning hours or so. get the showers and then pop up again in the afternoon. 75 degrees for a day-time high with an east, serial wind. here is a look at the day planner for the day. by mid-day at 83 or so. and that is not correct.
10:52 pm
i apologize for that. here is a look at the five day forecast. 75 is actually our daytime high. monday and tuesday soaker days. be prepared. we start to dry out by midday. >> 83 sounds good. >> thank you, gwen. >> thanks, gwen. >> 54 years ago today richard nixon and john kennedy faced off in the first televised presidential debate changing the course of american history and politics, for that matter. well, the power of t.v. put jfk there first. fox's eric shawn looks back. >> reporter: it simply changed the way we elect presidents. 70million americans watched as john f. kennedy and richard nixon sparred in the first live televised presidential debate. >> the question is which point of view and which party do we want to lead the united states? >> i know what it means to be poor. i know what it means to see people unemployed. >> the seventh game of the world series becomes those debates, particularly the first
10:53 pm
one. >> reporter: david is the author of the new book 1960lbj versus jfk versus nixon. >> it is two men stripping down, going into the ring with one-on-one and each hoping to bloody the other one. >> what does a cut mean? it means get out kick in five seconds. >> reporter: in 1960 actually four debate but the first one history remembers. those who watched television thought kennedy won. those who watched on the radio gave nixon the win. after a suntan kennedy declined it. nixon refused to wear it. he had also been sick, causing him to look pale. >> nixon came in first. nixon had been ill. nixon had had a staph infection. banged his knee getting out of the car. he was in pain. >> no. i wouldn't make an excuse like that. i was feeling all right. i didn't certainly look well. >> fairly or not the debates can turn on such things. >> it's always those moments,
10:54 pm
these got you moments which are so crucial. like jack kennedy or this is my microphone, mr. bush. or i won't hold your age against you, mr. mondale. >> reporter: at the jfk library those marked the an verse which with a look back. >> when he hit the stage he said "i have to go to the bathroom." i heard the stage manager doing 10, 9, 8. he made that stage on one. >> a reflective nixon once offered this advice. >> i would urge all pro peck active candidates that more important than what you say is how you look on television. >> i'm eric shawn fox news. >> it is reflected by the fact his mother called him right after the debate and asked if he was sick. she knew something was wrong. >> we are on t.v. every day. not an easy thing. and one mistake can change the course of so much. >> in this case makeup does
10:55 pm
help sometimes. >> i wouldn't know. it's all natural. the plan to burn korans september 11th was finally called off. >> but what happened to all of the holy books of islam that were supposed to be torched. that answer for you as we continue right here on fox 5.  . this fox 5 program is brought to you by kfc. so good. oweanyo
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies.
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♪ . >> optimum is facing foreclosure so to make a few bucks she had a garage sale. she gave bargain hunters a rare opportunity to own a piece of octo history. they helped get the word out to the public. >> it was very positive. >> nadya says she is facing foreclosure. she is considering going on welfare. very serious when you have 14 kids to feed, right? >> it is. >> taking a dog into a mall is usually not allowed unless that dog is a service animal.
10:59 pm
>> that's what a colorado man with parkinson's disease thought until his dog was kicked out of an arizona shopping center. fox has the story. >> reporter: douglas might not look like a stereo typical person with a disability. >> heel. heel. >> reporter: and sydney might not look like a guide dog. but she helps douglas each and every day. >> if i am on level ground i'm fine. if i have to go down steps or rough terrain having her with me helps a lot. kind of a perception difficulty i guess. >> reporter: he takes sydney everywhere, restaurants, malls, bars. but a security guard told douglas the dog had to go. >> the security guard came up and he was polite and said is this dog registered in the county. no, she is not, she is registered in colorado but she is a service dog.


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